Wednesday, July 2, 2014

++++++++++++++++++++++ Plight of Earth +++++++++++++++++++++++

"Men from Mars" and "Women from Venus" recently had their annual conference at "Saturn Convention Hall"  
One of their presentation's spoke about the "plight of Earth"
Here is what the young presenter had to say :

Their winds blow chilled , waters turn cold. 
Streams and rivers, gradually slow
Lakes go dry, taps turn quiet. 
Oceans and Seas, too go on strike

Clouds are cast, thunderbolts are heard.
                                                                                       Lightnings strike, but no sign of rains.
Hydro-stations shut, water supply cut. 
Dryness parches the throat of earth

"Converse water, preserve life" 
Decades ago - their wise men said
But to the warnings, they never pay heed
Now ecology avenges at  great speed. 

This post is part of Ultimate Blogging Challenge - July 2014 - Day 2.
My Theme for Week 1 - "Nature"


Lexi Gunn said...

Lovely poem. Thanks for sharing it.

Amaia - You Made My Day Blog said...

Well, I think that the situation of the Earth is something that we all should take into consideration, from an individual perspective and from a community perspective, and change the minds of those who only look for the profit in spite of mother nature...

Anonymous said...

Hi Vyo, I found you ... loved the poem and agree that taking care of our environment in any way we can is something each one can take responsibility for.

Vinodini Iyer said...

Wow, what a thoughtful poem! The message is like a slap across our faces for neglecting our earth.