Sunday, July 13, 2014

Evacuation in process....

Part of it was down, the other half was being evacuated.Testimonial floors were getting emptied. The bundles had turned pale yellow with termites feeding on them. 
Before they empty the room - I had to trace out mine.  A serious voice interrupted my search - " We are in the process of winding up, you cant find specifics here".  I tried to figure out who spoke, but another voice said - Please go to the profile room, your search would be easier"

I migrated to the profile room. I made my way to V Segment- looked out for Country India - City Mumbai.

My profile desk looked ignored..
A partly torn scrapbook was lying on the floor.   I went to pick it up,but a slow gesture stopped me. "Don't try to relocate, I find it hard to reassemble myself. There is nothing left inside that needs your attention. The last scrap I received for you was 36 months back,  from an unknown person"

The scrapbook 's eye for details took me by surprise. How do  u know it is from an unknown person ? I managed to ask. With a faint smile it replied " I have checked your Friend List, this person is not  listed there" .

Unable to take the conversation further,  I opened my Friends List. 263 Friends most of them had not updated their profile pics. Marital status of "married ones" still showed up as "Single".Known quarters like Scrap book and testimonials had nothing new to offer.  Recent visitors were complete strangers. There was nothing for me to lose. Yet this "evacuation" was "building up" a vacuum..

I walked out as hurriedly as I could.  A voice at the entrance had a final word for me "  Maam, I hope you have taken your stuff. We are about to pull down this structure"

In the world of social networking.. Orkut was becoming history.

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Ranveer vishal said...

Hey Vyoma, this is super creative and brilliant.
Check out my Orkut novella for UBC on

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Francene Stanley said...

Really interesting. I didn't know what was going on, but you intrigued me. Talking to a scrap of paper? Science fiction? Hmmm.

blackbeauty said...

that was such a nice post.. i do feel bad for orkut......

Swathi Shenoy said...

This was different from all the posts I have read so far! good one viyoma :)

Anmol Rawat said...

Wow, this was so innovative. I loved the imagery you have used to define your post. Excellent job :)

Jayanthi Gopal said...

For a moment i thought you were writing about the building that collapsed in chennai. Although putting down Orkut, seems similar.
Nice take on the post.

Red Handed said...

I will miss it. I already save all the testimonials that I made everyone write for me :P

This was a good one!