Sunday, June 8, 2014

Silence must be heard

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I am not sure, if television shows are a part of your entertainment diet. For me, they have always been. I love to spot differences between ongoing  shows and  the ones gone off air.  And this applies to - Tele-serials, news and musicals.

If we take sitcoms, apart from the maturing story-line, decibel levels and hyperbole are getting louder. Sound effects foretell the mood of the upcoming scene. 
We now have multi-coloured visuals - Sepia for flash-backs, White for silence, vibrant colours switching back and forth with shades of grey. 
We can predict motives by shades & sound, not necessarily wait for histrionics.  Wonder, who is the real hero - the paraphernalia that sets the mood or the actor himself?

If Silence must be heard, silence must be presented.
Recall any episode of "Vyomkesh Bakshi". When the detective is cracking the best clue, there would be pin drop silence on the scene.

If we can identify Silence, we can interact with Silence in any form. 
My typical Sunday morning begins with Rangoli, a musical on DD. Discreet story telling about an actor's life , is the "only talking" the host does in between the songs. Presentation is simple, style quotient suave and glamour silent. 

We recently bid adieu to Telegrams -a very grand farewell it received on the final day. But little did we realize, that we have already written off " formal news-hour formats".
Headlines -  Detailed News - Weather Update - And the headlines once again.
No debates, no analysis, no comments.

When such news structures were in place, I was too young to follow them. Now,  they have gone silent.

When predictable is boring , repeat telecast has lost its charm . 
Reality scores over fiction, and patience dictates TRP's .
To Doordarshan - I take a bow.

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the little princess said...

yea there are so many of those old memories that have gone silent! a bygone era and some some sweet silent memories! nice take on the prompt! all the best for BAT!

cifar shayar said...

I too watch a lot of TV and analysis the different shows, nice take on the prompt.

Silent Must Be Heard

Kiran Acharya said...

Well written. As a kid "Vyomkesh Bakshi" was my favourite series.
Now, there is so much emphasis on setting the tone with sound effects, it is difficult to imagine silence on television.

Megha said...

Well I am not a TV fan. If I have turned it on I usually watch discovery/nat geo/travel channel.
Nice take on the topic. All the best for BATOM

the factfiction said...

Vyom Bakshi ... there you got me nostalgic... a very different take on the post...where most of them scared me and sent shivers down my spine...yours filled me with many forgotten memories...loved it.

Arushi Ahuja said...

Wow dat was innovative... Loved it!!!

sulaiman sait said...

I might not be a big TV addict... But, I gotta give credits to you for this innovative blogpost....

Jaibala Rao said...

Yes I used to watch a lot of TV. And analyzing shows was my favorite past time. Nice post and different take on the prompt. All the best :)

Someone is Special said...

This is something innovative Viyoma! For the first time in this edition, I'm reading something other than crimes on women. Keep writing for BAT

Someone is Special