Friday, December 6, 2013

Recap 2013....

I need to enrich my vocabulary, before I go on to describe the awesomeness of this year. New places, new people, new habits, new tastes.
#City-End of 2012, I was new to this city, now I can say, I am familiar with it. My "work from home" option ended, and 2013 put me on the roads. A small sense of pride as I pass by the 3 iconic buildings of this city daily. Its treat to have a glimpse of Madras High Court, Ripon Building and Chennai Central everyday.
#Language- Way back from work, its a different story. My conversations with the auto guy touches myriad topics from food to culture, people to city. These conversations have made me realize, that, there is a difference between" I fully understand Tamil, to “I can fully speak Tamil". My loss of words (literally) and his inability to comprehend - has left many discussions incomplete. At times, I am exhausted giving him an essay type explanation (using maximum Tamil words I know) to communicate a simple funda. 
#Krishna, this name all of sudden becomes very special. 9 year old girl from Trivandrum, Kerala, whose education I chose to sponsor. This has been 1 of the quickest decisions ever taken, and my very first step towards giving something to the society. Full credit for this, goes to my better half.
#Travel -Sept 2013 - From Resident City Chennai, Tamil Nadu, made 1 Religious trip to Tirupati,  Andhra Pradesh, 1 Official trip to Bangalore  Karnataka  and 1 pleasure trip to Munnar, Kerala. That makes, touching 4 Southern states within a span of 1 month.
Internationally, a visit to US West Coast happened in the 1st half of 2013.
#Cooking -Moved on from “rule of the book” cooking. Earlier, forgetting 1 ingredient in a recipe, meant making a hurried call to Mom in the early hours of morning. I no longer make these frantic calls, even though I continue to miss ingredients and forget unwritten recipes. Cautiously I try my hands on experimental cooking. My 1st success came, when I used Oats instead of Coconut as a thickening agent.
Healthy cooking is on agenda - may be a 2014 resolution. [cliché here is- sidelining the tasty un-healthy stuff]
#Gifts, surprises made our celebrations special. Spending a whopping 45 mins to open 28 Gifts on my 28th Birthday was this year’s most memorable event.
#Reading -Flipkart zindabad, book shopping was on a high throughout the year, What got missed was reading them. As of Dec 2013, my book balance of “unfinished reading” is 4, and “yet to start reading” is 2. Too bad. Blogging also scored low. This post comes after a  gap of 3 months.
So far so good, thoroughly enjoyed the year as it came, day after day, month after month... Waiting for 2014.


Puru@ShadowsGalore said...

Hi Viyoma,

Congratulations for completing one happy year of your marriage. Your description of Chennai made me nostalgic, I have spent 10 years of my life there. Its great to see that you still manage to travel. And on behalf of the society, thanks for Krishna :)

Shilpa Garg said...

Round-up of 2013... pretty interesting and it has been quite an eventful year for you! Well done for Krishna! Oats instead of coconut is creative. Experiments in the kitchen are fun :)

kpketan said...

you were in Cali for a significant period of time, then why so less about that place?
And that decision for the girl Krishna, two thumbs up!

kpketan said...

You were in Cali for a significant amount of time, then why just a one line memoir about that place?
And for that girl Krishna, two thumbs up!

Rachna said...

Interesting roundup, Viyoma! And kudos to you for supporting Krishna! Best wishes for the New Year!

Mamta Ramakrishnan said...

Nice recap, I like ur style of writing...I sure see talent in you to write a book someday:)

Mamta Ramakrishnan said...

Nice recap, I like your writing style
. I wouldn't be surprised to see u authoring a book someday which I will ensure to read:)

Rahul Bhatia said...

That was an eventful year Viyoma! Am sure you must be feeling satisfied having sponsored a child, noble deed indeed!

Viyoma said...

Hi Ketan, Thanks for your interest in Vyo's world.
There is a separate write up on my stay at California.
Here is the link :

Puru, Shilpa, Mamta Aunty, Rahul Sir- thank you so much. Have a great 2014.

Vivek Patwardhan said...

Recaps are good, you have written very interestingly about it.

Recaps become even more interesting when you have a 'Bucket list' as in my case. [A bucket list is a wish list you want to complete before you kick the bucket! With advancing age, it becomes more critical!!]
Enjoyed reading,


Nima Das said...

Good Read

Fizz Genuine said...

Looks like you had quite a year Viyoma... So what do you think 2014 will bring with it?

Rahul Bhatia said...

Nice recap!Best wishes for the New Year, Viyoma:)

Daneshwari Mirji said...

Nice recap! :D Wish you many beautiful days ahead :)