Wednesday, September 18, 2013

In honour of Auto Meters..

Chennai has recently re-introduced Meters in Autos.
If Banking & Financial Sectors decide to honour this initiative , they would probably do it this way.

Mutual Funds- Magnum Auto Gains  - With SIP Option
Banks -Auto Saver Schemes - with TDR Facility
Insurance - Aajeevan Saral Pravaas - Endowment cum Whole Life Plan.

Further, if the Central Government gets generous, we can have:
Rajeev Gandhi Rikshaw Bachath Yojna ( Exemption under 80C- Applicable in the State of TN only)

Online Shopping Communities can also do their bit:
Auto-sweep: 0.50 Credit on every 10 Rupees of Auto Fare you save.

Film Fraternity and their Disclaimers play a serious role in any initiative. So,
"Only Metered Autos were used in the shooting of this Film"
"Actors in this Movie support Metered Autos"

And if the State Govt decides to reciprocate this mass support, they can declare 1 day State Holiday calling it "Commuter Liberation Day"

I am a happy commuter, taking Metered Auto these days.Great Bold Step by the Government.
It comes when people had accepted, that Meters are a Myth in Chennai.


Shilpa Garg said...

Wow! That's a big relief for the commuters in Chennai! Good for them. In our city recently the meter chart was updated by the authorities but it is not followed by the auto fellows as they believe that it is still outdated and is not in sync with the current inflation! So we still suffer their outrageous fares!
LOL @ disclaimers from Film fraternity!

magiceye said...

:D Loved it!!

Destination Infinity said...

NGOs will say, 'Support the auto-meter Cause and Donate something!' :)

Vijita said...

Hilarious..i can hear some auto-wallahs singing "jaane kahan gaye woh din " !!

Medha BN said...

In Bangalore, though meter is compulsory it has changed these days. They either refuse to turn on the meter or charge 10-20 Rs extra over the meter. All blame on traffic, "madam, can you see the traffic, it is so difficult to drive".

Sahana Rao said...

Can't believe CHENNAI has metered autos. And where do you get these imaginations From ya? I was smiling throughout my read. Brilliant way to start a morning.

Rahul Bhatia said...

This is music to the ears,and hope this can be sustained:)

Fizz Genuine said...

Hahaha... Good one Vijoma... I wish metered autos were present everywhere... Some day hopefully!!!!