Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chamataka and his concerns

Doob Doob: Why this sudden outburst about “The Times that Tinkle?” (TTT)
Chamataka : C’mon , aren’t you aware? That shows you read only TTT, and nothing else.
Doob Doob: I have been reading it for years, and don’t find anything wrong with it.

Chamataka: Your loyalty has blinded you, Doob Doob, thats all I can say.
Kapish : No Chamataka, Doob Doob is honest in admitting, that he is a satisfied reader. Just because, some bulletin has said a thing about TTT, doesn’t mean, we all get carried away.
Kalia: It’s the power of Social Networking Kapish. If 1 bashes, everyone follows. Many voices comes together and they blow up the issue.

Chamataka: Aha, look who is talking. Kalia- Kapish –you both drown yourselves into every other bulletin that comes your way, don’t you?
Kalia: Ofcourse, we do, but we do that for alternate views and opinions. We hold nothing against TTT.
Kapish : Chamataka, be gracious to respect your habits. If your habit bothers you, change it. It is double standards to criticize the publication you read, just b’ coz somebody else does it.
Baboocha, the Bear: Well said, Kapish. Chamataka, don’t you see, this whole episode has been fuelled by TTT’s competitor. They feed on this publicity. What do you and I earn by joining this bandwagon?

Chamataka: And what have you to say about all the unimportant stuff that TTT publishes by the day?

Kalia: Who is asking you to read all of them? Restrict reading to the areas of your interest. And then, you always have access to other bulletins, in addition to the base publication you subscribe.
Chamataka: Kapish – Kalia, both of you are getting too defensive on this. Don’t I have a Freedom of Expression? Can’t I voice my opinion, if I dislike something?
Kapish: Chamtaka, if you want to speak about Freedom of Expression, then lets first discuss the Jaipur Lit Fest, let’s talk about the books / the artists this country has banned. Also let’s touch upon the subject of Censorship heavyweight.

Chamataka: I still disagree. As a reader of TTT, they owe me some responsibility. If I am dis-satisfied, I should be heard.
Baboocha: Absolutely right. They owe you full responsibility as publishers. But as a reader, you also owe them some responsibility. “Responsible publishing” on their part, can be ensured by loyal readers like you. Your feedback in the right forum – in the right manner, can make a difference.

Supandi’s Master was carefully listening to this whole conversation. He turned to Supandi and asked “ Why have these Jungle Inmates, woken up to this issue, one week late? I thought this TTT episode has died down”.
Supandi: Which paper do you read, Master?


alka narula said...

nice post..i specially love the names doob doob and chamataka:p

Harsha Chittar said...

This was a brilliant post, the way you have brought out the issue with simple characters is commendable.

Pallavi Poojary said...

Woah took me back to my tinkle reading days and it was nice to have Chamataka & Doob doob...they are my favourite tinkle characters

Rajesh said...

Very nicely written with those characters. Everyone love these characters.

Nirvaan said...

reminds me of the good old days...:D...Creative, iwould say...!!

Raj said...

OMG.. I used to love Tinkle and never miss a single edition those days. You brought back those wonderful memories and those lovely characters. A rip-roaring and hilarious read. :)