Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From Promise to Power

A Campaign photographer,a Political consultant, both sound to be designations of interest. They were by his side.

His grandmother made him realize, all pie in sky tales about his father aren't true. His mother an Anthropologist by profession, drained her knowledge and experience on rural development.
Much before the world knew him, his sister’s doll family, showed a representation of a UN Meet- with Asian, European, American, African collection.

His first name means “A Blessing”.

David Mendell tracks his journey in OBAMA: From Promise to Power.


Just attempted to write a book introduction. When book reviews give out too much about a book, as a reader I feel discouraged to pick my copy. You may argue, that I shouldn't be reading the reviews, in that case. (We can take up this argument in the Comments section)
Its when book reviews give away more than required, I hunt for Book Introductions. Not certain, if a concept like this exists.


Anonymous said...

Book introduction is a nice concept, but they lack the in depth analysis that Book Reviews give.
Books Reviews help readers decide, if the book is of interest or not.

Viyoma said...

Thanks for sharing your view.

I feel, Book introductions if written well, can aid similar decision making.

Like u rightly put,the onus is on "readers interest". Whether a Review generates it or an Intro, depends on how it is brought out.

Ana_treek said...

Interesting concept..but What if the introduction is good and the book sucks? :D..

subhorup dasgupta said...

Nice concept. To repeat what has already been said by you and other commenters, it depends on how the introduction is written, and sometimes it might turn out that a particular readers flips for the intro but ends up hating the book. But then that happens just as often with reviews, doesn't it? I do not know how prevalent this concept is, but I think it can be developed into something that can if not replace, at least offer a perspective that is different from reviews.

Rajesh said...

I feel book reviews make the decision easy.

sm said...

nice idea intro to book

Aakash Kokz said...

I would opt for book .. go for it :-)

Rituraj Verma said...


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