Monday, October 17, 2011

Foodie Saturday

“In India, people have memories associated with Food. Every taste has a story behind it. It’s normal for us to connect when, where and how a particular taste got introduced. For some reason, if we are unable to comprehend the taste, we go on to associate it with the closest possible flavor. And to get this, we relate events, people, time, day and every other thing, that helps recall the taste right”

Thus was the “Food for Thought” shared by Master Chef Kunal Kapoor. It is not every day that you have Chef’s discussing food with you. This Saturday, thanks to Indiblogger, we had, 3 Master Chef’s, share their food and beyond food experience.

If you have seen the latest Nissan Micra Ad, they say, “its not just a Car, it’s a Caaaaaaaaaaar”. Similarly, when Chef’s discuss food, its Fooooooooood. A Chef’s perception, attitude and approach to food, if totally different from what we do.

For us, its normal to categorize food into Likes and Dislikes. A Chef in his words admits “ We can’t hate (dislike) food, we are the Creators of it”. (somewhere, this statement touched)

Master Chef aside, there were other highlight of the Indi Meet.

To begin with- the Familiarity- Unlike the 1st meet, this time there was Familiarity. They are no more Fellow- Bloggers, they are Blogger- Friends now.

RK Studios: This place is less than 10 mins away from our Office. Yet it takes an Indiblogger Meet, for me to get to the place. Thanks IndiTeam.

High Tea: Ok this is lame, I admit. But I was hungry. While all I expected was a Tea/ Coffee option with some dry Cookies. The Sandwiches, Pastry and bread bun, were really sumptuous. Yes it matters, because I was hungry.

2 Master Chef Aprons/ 1 Indiblogger T Shirt/ 1 Coffee Mug : Freebies always welcome :)

Picture Courtesy Gkam


Rahul Singh said...

Well written. I love the phrase - "A Chef’s perception, attitude and approach to food, if totally different from what we do. "

gkam said...

You crisply summed it up so well!
Loved reading and reminiscing it :D

magiceye said...

missed this one!