Saturday, June 19, 2010

You know you are a 93.5 RED FM Addict when…..

You start humming Nahar Amrit Shakti’s Flamingo Song.

You know by heart, the suburbs where “RG Stones” is located.

Malishka Ka Jaasus ( Malishka’s Spy) is the new ISI, you have learnt to bank upon.

(If) I say, there is a Life Insurance Plan which is as good as Sachin Hitting a Century + India Winning the Match, you know I am referring to LIC’s Market Plus 1.

Your familiarity with Stationary products is restricted to Sundaram Notebooks.

You may not know the ET- CEO of the Year. But you cant be wrong, if asked which show won the Promax Award this year?

For Non Radio Listeners:

Though Amrit Shakti may sound like a Sona- Chaandi Chawanprash, it is actually the name under which Nahar Group has launched 2 new towers “ Water Lily” and White Lily”


Vij@ソ said...

actually i am not addicted to radio... but addicted to mainy things. Written a post on it.
U can check it here

Anonymous said...

Yo ho ho! That's s pretty assessment of Red. Hv bn an addict for abt 4 yrs now & haven't got bored as yet.

Vivek Patwardhan said...

Yes 93.5 is good and I enjoy it. late evening people of my age [on the wrong side of 50] prefer 100.7. Very late night actually Radio City seems to be better with some non-stop music.
Insomniacs like me know the late night programs better! :)

Vyazz said...

While I dont listen to the radio per se....I invariably listen to red fm each morning coz that's the channel that keeps blaring in my gym!!!
Especially with the Binani cement ads (saaadiyon ke liye!!!!!)