Monday, May 18, 2009

Introducing: Vyo's World

For quite some time, I had been toying with the idea of starting a book appreciation blog. Not wanting to affect the sanctity of this blog, created a separate one in Wordpress.
Wordpress gave an opportunity to retain the identity of vyoworld. The initial days were exciting. The newness was adventurous until the swells of rigidity started showing up. Wordpress, for some reason, did not excite to the extent blogspot did.
But beta testing of the content had to continue.
So retaining the wordpress blog as it is, moved on to Xanga (yet another blogging platform)
Xanga seems to match the Google’s platform in almost every front. In fact in many areas, Xanga even scores over it.
Xanga pinches only when it comes to Google Ads. “Xanga classic”, by default, places Google ads on the blog. If one has to avoid it, the only option is to opt for Xanga Premium, which simply means “pay and blog”. Option ruled out.

To back to our familiar domain, back to blogspot.
Never mind, if I can’t retain vyoworld!

Vyosworld doesn’t sound alien either.

So here it is:


Mikes said...

checking it out...

ani_aset said...

i agree on the wordpress part.. :( pretty sad thing that i shifted completly to wordpress and m stuck now..sigh..keep up the good work vyo

Money! said...

Wordpress is great in self-hosted model. Scores over hands down. Yes, has a lot of limitation and offers a lot more in terms of monetization opportunities... Of late blogspot has improved a lot...

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