Sunday, May 17, 2009

Feng Shui

Very recently I laid my hand on my grandfather’s collection,
when a small book titled Feng Shui caught my attention

For novice like me, having no knowledge of the subject, the book turned out to be a sweet introduction.
Starting from “TAOISM” it journeys the reader through “Yin-Yang” philosophy, “Concept of Chi” and the 5 elements of nature.
It’s interesting to get oneself acquainted with: Production and Destruction” cycles, 12 celestial animals of Chinese calendar and also the Kua Number.
Author A H Hari also touches on the subject of Arm Chair Configuration, taking the reader deeper into the subject of Cardinal and Corner Directions.

Having introduced the subject in the first half, the author wades through the practicality of Feng Shui.Taking into consideration the rigidity of the environment,the Author acknowledges the fact that 100% Feng Shui adherence may not be possible in most cases.
It is at this stage, that the reader gets introduced to Intuitive Feng Shui-ism. A new concept of relying on instincts and gauging the positive/ negative vibes based on past instances. An interesting chapter on LOSHU SQUARE and Pakua follows.

As a concluding part of this 45 pages book by Vasan Publications, references are made to commonly used Feng Shui articles along with directional instructions.

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