Monday, February 23, 2009

Words of Motivation...

Today the grass is green on both sides of the fence
For once, let’s say so, and change the trend.
Don’t complain of the day, as tiresome and long,
For those who wish to sing, always find a song.
You may call the objects on your way as “Stones”
But once you cross them, they turn to Milestones!

Walt Disney passed through 302 denials,
Before “The Happiest Place on the Earth” got final
1009 “No’s”, and then came the “Yes”
For Colonel Sander’s recipe to be voted the best.
Belief, Patience and Hope are the best rhymes
Together they always sing “Try One More Time”

Look, at bright morning star, shining at you,
Wishing all your dreams to come true.
Don’t complain of the Glass “Half Full”
Look at the other half, and say its “Its Full”
Rise, awaken and march towards the glory,
For its time, you create another story!


gauravbrills said...

nice little poem filled up to the brim with optimism and Hope!


Dan* said...

nice like it :)

lonely inside said...

nice poem

Sriya Ganesh said...

amazing girlie!
very motivating, i must say
keep it up! :)

Dr. Internet said...

Cool! keep writing good things.

Anonymous said...

Inspiring poetry.

tikno said...

Nice poem.