Friday, February 6, 2009

Just a Thought..

Call it “Chandini Chowk to China” or “Chandini Shock to China”, if movie titles get in the hands of the Critics, this is bound to happen. “A Wednesday” becomes “A Wed-mess-day”, “Dostana” becomes “LOSTana”, and then of course we have “Fa-SHUN”, “HelLOL” etc.
The other day I stumbled upon a blog, wherein the blogger seems to be a tough audience to please. Though not much keen in the critical reviews, the satirical titles surely kept me interested. “Yuck by Chance” and “Ulloo Barber” are yet to be criticized, hence I m giving in my titles, lets see how close I get to the critics.

Leaving the critics apart, let’s talk of the general audience.
It’s highly difficult to comprehend the tastes of the movie goers.
While the big fat Indian wedding shown by Sooraj Bharjatya becomes a hit, the content-driven Aaa Ab Laut Chalen bombs at the Box Office.
Hum Dil de chuke sanam, tagged as the remake of Woh Saat Din, set the cash registers ringing, but the story of Channel-Wars doesn’t seem to interest the pubic.

From the production to release, looks like the whole drama is a war between two perfectionists.
In the production stage, the film is succumbed to a number of editions and alterations. It is the film maker’s idea of perfection.
To assist him in his journey, are the Technicians, Camera Men, Directors, Art Designers, and many more “behind the screen” brains.
If Censor Board gets touchy, a few more amendments deserve an honour.

Now with all efforts combined, one set of so called perfectionist population is all set to throw up an idea at the other set of perfectionists.
In between the two, sits a JUDGE named BOX OFFICE.
Underneath the Box Office lies the mood, tastes, thinking and opinion of infinite souls.
On the D –Day the Box Office either beams with pride or shudders with guilt.
Over crispy popcorns in a comfy multiplex, millions watch the story unfold…
It’s a matter of the next 180 minutes that decides, on who shall feast over for rest of the season, the film maker or the critics!


Dan* said...

seriously i liked the movie :P

Crush Killer said...

nice post !!

ArUn raFi said...

but then the audience hs th ryt to criticise th movie cs they r payin 200 fr it .. and the consumer can ask whatever he/she feels like and the makers have to cater to it..surely they can make better movies than that..visit my recent article too is on slumdog millionaire..u ll like it..

Sriya Ganesh said...

wow. references used well. keep it up girlie!
well done

proud of u

Wyntey said...

its sad when really deserving movies bomb at the box office ...