Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Taj Speaks...

While, breathing the busyness on the roads
And greeting the winds from the Arabian Shore,
Never did the thought flash my mind
That I was on the hit list of someone else’s mind.
The dark nights’ events, as I recall
My heart sinks and my body shivers
Like a giant I stood with all might and pride,
Not realizing what was coming my side.

Wonder what harm I did to them,
Why of all, did they choose me then?
“No, my friend, you are not the only one”
Says a neighbor that leaves me stunned.
Sensing all the fears I hold,
Trident, Nariman house and Leopold I m told.
I wondered who is there to get them free,
If NSG, Marcos, the Police are all fighting for me!

Handicapped and helpless I stood still,
Inward and outward letting the bullets drill
With shock, fear, rage and anxiety
Faces looked up to me and then the deity.
A gust of black smoke blowing up the air,
Set in the mood of hope and despair,
From one end, came the fierce firing,
All others let the prayers pour in.

It’s more than a week since the event passed,
But deep within it has left some scars
There have been loses irreversible,
Millions of questions, still answerable.
I too have a query to add,
If you all, please, let me share,
Having reduced me into a symbol of sympathy,
Are the winds of terror still blowing free?


Kaber said...

rhymes, and conveys the fealing of the times.

i feel education is the only way to eradicate terrorism..

" " silence for those who lost their lives

arnab_unreal said...

wow! wow! awesum!!!
very touchy!!!

u can check my tribute to the taj & all Mumbai'kars on my blog!!!

again... really nice!

shafeeq sha said...

my feelings to the victims...

Da Eternal Rebel said...

TAJ is not helpless, it survived the attack and still stands defiant. Very soon Taj will be regain its pristine glory.

Nice attempt ... you have tremendous potential bro

Sriya said...

Amazing! very well written
if taj were to speak, it wud hav surely spoken this way or not even to this level of urs.
keep it up!!!!!!!!

RG said...

Very original way of looking at an event that has jolted everybody. Keep writing, Vyo.

Sharanya said...

Dont let these words stop my friend :)

sachdev said...

your writing is really wow!! vijita was right. i must say that i loved it!! keep going. :)

Writer Girl said...

thanks for sharing this poem with me. the mumbai attacks memories still stand out in my brain, as if it was only yesterday. this poem really conveys it all - all the shock and hurt we felt then...

May those wronged people sleep peacefully, listening to our Lullaby