Monday, November 24, 2008

Dematerialising Them...

A couple of days back while I was reshuffling my book shelf, a bunch of loosely held pages caught my attention.
Burdened under many heavy weights (of books), looked like they were falling prey to every natural calamity coming their way.
The hand written content was nearing illegibility…. the rusted stapler on it indicated its age …with every torn corner pleading euthanasia.

Long before Google gave birth to Blogger, experiences were treasured in physical form.
These pages belonged to the same era. They have a rich soul but a weak body, i realized.
That’s when the idea of dematerialisation struck me!

If Conversion of physical entries, into electronic form can ensure their eternality, why not go for it!!!!!
This process may be tedious, nevertheless exciting.

Right from “My SSC Examinations” to “A Wedding to Remember” watch out as numerous pages virtually unfold….


HowYouDoin' said...

having our life notes in electronic form is much better than having them in notes. But make sure you have copy of them on your pc on your pc as well, you can't say how servers behave sometimes, even with google.

asit dhal said...

conversion from physical form to electronics form does may give eternity.....but this may not always accessible....