Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Transition

They say, change is imminent, transition inevitable,,sometimes for the good sometimes painful....yet there is nothing much that can be done about it.
I question the very validity of the transition-When it distances u from ur near and dear ones.A transition that brings better education,greater opportunities broader scope, but at the cost of double establishment-Is such transition really worth?
If yes,then are relationships taking a backseat over careers? If yes,then where are we heading to? Are we trying to carve out a successful professional life out of a fragmented personal one?
A painful compromise,irreversable time lapse coupled with the ongoing journey of meeting professional goals.
The question still the transition worth?

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RG said...

Pain, compromise, transition... yes, inevitable at times. Is it worth? Sometimes only time can tell. Some dilemmas can only be resolved by shifting perspective to a higher level. Will all concerned be happier with the goal being achieved? Is the choice being made violating any fundamental value? If the answer is Yes to the first Q and No to the second, it is easier to reconcile to the choice. Then we can focus on making the most of alternative steps that mitigate the circumstances.

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