Sunday, July 16, 2017

Old Diary Speaks...

It was my last day in the City....NO!! Thtats not what my diary pages say...
Excavation of an Old Diary, brings out,  a 12 page, handwritten account of Maternal Grandparents visit to our place for Diwali. Rewind to Nov 2001 & unbox some Aurangabad memories.


  • Ammama- Scrabble playing Grandma 
  • Thata- Diary Writing Grandpa
  • Viju- Partner in Crime – Sister

The Arrival:
Time is 4.45 am on a Tuesday morning.  Dad is on his way to railway station to receive grandparents. With Mom & Viju sleeping, I  intend to have a bath before grandparents arrive.  Not that I am able to. My hot water just got ready -and they are here.Mom & Viju are up hearing the doorbell ring. So soon, train is before time,  follows some smiles & hugs.  
Over the morning tea,  topics of varied interests spurce up. Dad & Thata , in the main hall, discussing global terrorism.Mom & Ammama, in kitchen, talking about family & functions. Viju & I are keen to show grandparents our new Diwali dress. We wait for an opportunity to interfere.

The Stay:
Playing Scrabble back to back with Ammama has become a routine. 2-3 games a day, at times even 4. But no disturbing her between 6 pm to 7 pm - she has 2 Tamil serials to watch. This coincides with Thata's evening walk. After each walk, he has something to note in his spiral bound pocket book.

Ammama's home cooked treat for us comes in the form of Badam Halwa & Kaju barfi . Succumbed to temptation, the consumption of Halwa has started even before its entirely solidified.

Diwali sweets arrive home - "Badusha" being trademark each year. More than Diwali, it's the 
preparations for Diwali that sets the festive tone.

Amidst the grandeur of savories- Mom reserves her Bissibella Recipe for leisure Sunday morning. This goes well with the Potato Chips & Pepper wafers - grandparents bought for us from Mumbai. 

Diary pages make a reference to certain establishments that no longer exist.
Punjabi Food Festival at Hotel President Park- where we relish a late evening dinner.
An Internet cafe called "Global Data Links. I visit this cafe,  as Thata wants me to check their return ticket confirmation status. 
Neither the net cafe nor the hotel, show up, on Aurangabad's city map today. 

The Return
Blink & miss -12 have days passed- their return journey is booked for tonight. Dad is off to railway station to drop them. Mom, Viju & I see them off from home. The night resigned with 3 of us watching Govinda starer "Kyunki Main Jhoot nahi bolta" on local cable channel.

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vishal bheeroo said...

How lovely! I am amazed how life in one's city makes the bond memorable and the glimpse of life.