Sunday, January 25, 2015

Taking a "Write Turn" as I walk...

As I type this, I am  loitering in the corridors of an old school building.  3 classes diagonal to where I stand, are reciting 3 different verses of  "Bhagvat Gita". In a city where Tamil  has a linguistic  and political  domination, "Sanskrit"  attempts to carve a niche.

Being a volunteer  to an initiative like this, marvels my understanding of "this State". A State where anti Hindi agitations have been dominant and neon-sign boards in Tamil are predominant.

As I  key these words...I can sense, I have an interruption coming my way.

A class wants to know how many consolation prizes they can give.  Answer that and pat comes another query, if 2 first prizes can be given. Few minutes back, a judge had asked for some tea.
Got him one, and he clarified, he actually meant coffee. Never-mind, specifying tea or coffee need not be a priority, for an octogenarian who is nurturing his love for an "old language", .

Now here comes my tea, a perfectly refreshing note to say, never before, have I done this Walk & Blog Exercise.

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