Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ashwin Sanghi's New Revelation...this time in Mumbai

Cricket lovers cherish signed bats. 
Book lovers pride autographed books

I  recall, my excitement when Blog Adda announced Private India for review. After owning 3 books of Ashwin Sanghi, purchasing Private India was always on agenda. But getting an autographed copy at my doorstep was a real surprise. My selection of books for review has always been a random pick. This is the 1st time I chose what I wanted to read.

Reminiscing "The Krishna Key" - For those of us who have read "The Krishna Key", we are well aware of how Author Sanghi, comfortably blends fiction with Indian mythology. Private India has the same flavour. The cryptic clues are at their best not to give out what they are referring to. In a way we get to relive and reminisce "The Krishna Key" days.

Private India's Plot  & Characterization - A murder mystery in Mumbai. Tagline of the book reveals this. But how the mystery is revealed is what Private India is all about.  Some characters and random portions of the story-line sound familiar. For instance, I find characterization of the detective Santosh having similarities to "Aamir Khan" of "Talaash". The IM angle and attack on Indian soil coming from water, sounds repetitive. There have been frequent references to these factors is most terrorism related Indian movies that released after Taj Attacks.

Mumbai Darshan -On the lines of "Maximum City", I was expecting an all in all Mumbai darshan from Private India. Sadly some disappointment here. Though James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi, take us places covering key Mumbai locations, readers familiar with the city may feel a devoid.
Absence of mention to the local political atmosphere stands out too obvious. The extent to which Bollywood gets its coverage, industrial side of Mumbai doesn't.

In one of his Interviews, James Patterson says " The idea was to get readers in the US familiar with India and those in India to get a taste of fast-paced storytelling". Indeed it is. The flow is too fast and catchy, to put down the book mid way. Some characters churn up real surprises. Crime novel lovers, will relish case solving skills of the detective agency. Detailing of begging mafia gives readers the rustic taste of Mumbai.

Final take on the book, treat it as pure murder mystery.Enjoy  Patterson's fast paced story-telling,   set in the aura and atmosphere created by Ashwin Sanghi.

Book- Private India
Author-  Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson
Other works by Ashwin Sanghi - The Krishna Key, Chanakya's Chants & The Rozabal Line
The Private Series by James Patterson
Publisher - Random House in India / Arrow Books in London

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