Friday, July 11, 2014

Today they spoke...

This was not an alumni meet. It was not a reunion either. Mixed age groups had come together under 1 roof.
Versatile old ones were put in the back seat. Their age and size did not permit them a front row luxury.
Impatient youngsters were in the forefront. Petite and easy to accommodate, they kept the first 2 rows highly crowded.

Kitchen ladies were having a tough time aligning the seats.They didn't want to offend the senior, at the same time they had to keep noisy juniors in check.

Stone Grinder, the old guard, was the 1st to speak. "I am not surprised about this commotion here. You youngsters create as much noise as possible even at work,Noise has become a part of your routine. Those days, we would grind condiments and spices for hours in complete silence. Can't expect a noiseless behavior from a mixer grinder today"

The Hand Cutter was immediate to add. “I agree. There was a time, when vegetables use to come to us to get chopped.These days, vegetable choppers, whirl them around and chop into tiny pieces. You leave no chewing exercise for the teeth."

Tea Kettle did not have much to complain. In a soft tone it said Tea serving population in India, still uses me. But slowly I am getting extinct.
Fashionable tea pots and thermal flasks have taken my place. Given a choice, I would like to serve. Take me as your antique ancestor, and I will serve u well."

What followed was a complete silence. No one spoke; the ancestors didn't feel the need to add anything more. They had already said enough.
The young & fancy appliances didn't know what to speak. Whether they "admit" or not, they had to "accept" they were noisy. Tea kettle had rightly pointed out; fashion sense had crept into the kitchen walls. Ancestors like kettles were not "out of use", but "out of fashion".  Aesthetic sense and visual delights had taken prominence. In the age where "Small is beautiful" - heavy weights like stone grinders had to be kept out.
Silence continued. Everyone was physically present, but lost in thoughts..

No one noticed when the 3 ancestors quietly left the hall.......their chairs were empty.

                                                 This post is a part of Ultimate Blogging Challenge - July 2014 - Day 11
                                                                           My Theme for this week - Technology


Rachel Curtis said...

What a lovely post, really enjoyed x

Lexi Gunn said...

Another lovely post. Thank you for sharing.

purba chakraborty said...

A very interesting post :)

RG said...

It seem inanimate objects turn into bundles of emotions, opinions and interesting characters when a skilled and imaginative blogger looks at them,eh?

Sophie Bowns said...

I really enjoyed this.
You have a very engaging writing style and I'd love to read more!

Red Handed said... we just term something as out of fashion and move on.
I still prefer old kettles. Vintage for me!

Reema D'souza said...

Interesting as always! Enjoyed this one.