Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Missing Coaster

She adjusted the peacock feather, sitting on her head  and smiled at the window. The Sun God smiled back with the same glow every morning.
With a coffee mug in hand, she was searching for the coffee coaster.

She recalled what happened last night. Engrossed writing a novel, she was fiddling with the coaster . It might have slipped out of her hand, She bent under the table but it was nowhere found. She checked behind the ink-pot, in between the book bunch, amidst the scattered sheets. The case of missing coaster was getting curious.
Coffee was getting colder. She took a sip or two, & continued the search with the mug in hand.

She didn't want her table to have coffee marks on the table .She could see the teak tree watch her in anguish. The table on which she rested her novel scripts, was made of teak. The papers on which she inked her thoughts, originated from the woods. The Gum bottle on her left and the new pencil set on the right, owed their existence to a tree. As a writer she was too much stationery dependent, and almost every stationery had a birth mark of a tree.

Coaster would make a perfect alibi, she thought. A writer's mind was getting to  work.

She made Coaster an Alibi to show... casualness, negligence, loss & finally a realization
She never guarded her coffee coaster ( never felt the need to do so)
She misplaced the coaster - Negligence
Loss of coaster - made her realize the importance of it.

In the writer's case it was a "coaster" -for the readers of her novel - it would be "a tree"

This post is part of Ultimate Blogging Challenge - July 2014 - Day 5.
My Theme for Week 1 - "Nature"


Suzy said...

Nature gives us so much. It's time for us to give something back to her. Nice way to send the message.

Reema D'souza said...

Nice way to give a message. Beautifully written :)

Rachel Curtis said...

Really enjoy your posts and a lovely message x

Leo said...

Excellent message again, and a beautiful way to put it across.

Rajlakshmi said...

I loved how you related the coaster with the tree to leave a wonderful message.