Friday, July 18, 2014

Next Big Crow Story

Deep inside the forest,no man walked the land. Animals were the purest guardians and residents of that area.

Every year, crows of the forest would gather around the forest pond. This had been going on for ages now.Generation after generation, crows would come together and start cawing.

Long long ago ......
 a thirsty crow had added stones to a picture (pot) & raised the water level.

Till date, every child praises that crow for its wisdom.The story is best remembered and recalled even today.
Cawing crows,at their annual gathering, brainstorm to create the next big crow story.

                                           This post is a part of Ultimate Blogging Challenge - July 2014 - Day 18                                   
                                                                            My Theme for this week - Short Fiction                                                              


Lisa Scott said...

Short and sweet :)

Sophie Bowns said...

This was good!
-I don't like crows; *shudders!*

Rachel Curtis said...

Lovely x

Cindy Ackley said...

I had not heard this fable before! Thank you for sharing it!

Viyoma said...

@ Cindy - Thanks for calling it a fable. Its a cooked up fable ;)

Anonymous said...

Loove the cooked up fable with lotsa wisdom about life.