Monday, July 28, 2014

Essentials need a mention

Instantly they slip into my eyes
As though trying to run away
Comfortably they stay, settled in there
As if trying to hide from me

It isn't dreams, I am talking about,
In case your poetic mind thinks that way
I refer to the vision "my lenses" provide
For a convenient working all day long.

                                                                                                     ESSENTIAL 2
Toiling every hardship coming their way
Rubbing against hard-stones falling midway
In Rains they drench, in sun they soak
Without grim or complaint,they continue to work

A "Pair of shoes" is all I refer
With some dignity they deserve a mention
For all tough roads we take them on
Mutely their adhere, to give us comfort.

                                 This post is a part of Ultimate Blogging Challenge - July 2014 - Day 28                               


Vinodini Iyer said...

Ah lenses, eh? Good one Vyo:)

Suzie Cheel said...

What fun lenses and a pair of shoes, both essentials