Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Book Cricket - A New IPL Format

Next time you see, your favourite cricket stars, sitting cross legged beside each other – don’t mistake it to be an Ad Commercial. Its a new form of IPL.

After a lot of deliberations, discussions and debate, the Cricket Board finally vetoed for Luck Based format over Performance based matches.  Umpiring problems, player misbehavior, complaints of academic distraction – Cricket Board has finally come up with a novel solution to these problems. IPL Matches hereon, will be played as “Book Cricket”.  BCCI made it clear, IPL Teams, Owners, and auction process doesn't change. What changes is the format of the game.

Many ancillary issues have been resolved in the process.

Corporates  Happy: Brands are happy as "Tanning complexion" of Players will no longer be a grave issue. IPL usually comes up during harsh summer months. Brands banking on cricket Models have complained – players look tanned and tired post IPL, making them un-viable for commercials.

Government Happy: Excess Television usage is adding power woes to the country. Electricity generation and conservation problems need to be streamlined before wasting the resource on heavy TV Viewing. As there is nothing to see in Book Cricket, viewers will tune to Radios more than Television.

Players Happy:  Book Cricket will be luck based and not performance based. Players cannot be blamed for team’s dismal performance. The real player will be the Lady Luck.

Asked about viewers’ disappointment, over new format, both Players and the board dismissed this fear. They are confident the audience is matured enough to accept the change.

DISCLAIMER - This article is written in lighter vein. Waiting for the day, when Book cricket becomes business.In a cricket crazy nation, anything can happen....

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