Monday, January 14, 2013

The Distractive Window

Having a Window at a visible distance in the Kitchen takes care of all possible distractions one can have. My distractions have a routine; and I choose to listen to them.

Between 07.15- 07.30 am, as my tea boils, a son walks arm in arm with his aged father, helping him breathe the fresh morning air. The father, too old to take the morning stroll by himself, leans on his son, who carefully walks at his father’s pace. Their walk is brief. As I take my finishing tea sips, they both retire home.

The clock ticks 8.00, time for chirpy school goers to make their way. They talk of school, teachers, movies, City traffic, malls and fellow friends. Their opinions and my overheard understanding, is interrupted by the pressure cooker that whistles at set intervals.

After seniors come the juniors. Each tiny tot comes with a Mom’s who brings along a verbal “instruction manual”. From closing the water bottle cap, to safety of handkerchiefs, instructions unfold as they walk. Intended recipients receive it or not,
I receive it well.

It’s about time that I wind up from Kitchen, but not without hearing some enlightening conversation between a Maid and the Building Watchman. The maid’s concern for issues like water saving and community cleanliness can win her Social Impact Awards. Between assertiveness in her speech and silence from the Watchman, I sign off from the Distractive Window.


RG said...

Brilliant start to the New Year, Vyo. Perceptive, sensitive, curious and humorous. As usual.

magiceye said...

:) goood morning!

Say Cheese said...

I have a distractive balcony. :) Of course, I can't hear the conversations of people but just watching them pushes enough thoughts into my mind.... :)

Kappu said...

// I find Indian Cricket Over-rated, Indian Politics interesting and Indian Cinema evolving.//

I just found your intro too intriguing!!

and your post is a SMASHER! such a beautiful description of the little happenings that brings u smile. The mail, the mammas who tag alongside the toddlers.. whoa! You have made me see via the window too!!

and me follows u! :)

Do visit my post "Oblivion"! Would love to see you by! *cheers*

Vikram Karve said...

Nicely written.
Remind me of Hitchcock's Film THE REAR WINDOW

Sriya Ganesh said...

Too good, Vyo!! I read it twice :)