Thursday, October 11, 2012

From the Heart of a Novice Roti Maker...

Oil greased hands, a plate full of dough and some water, does not guarantee edible chapattis. Just like how, wearing Skate Boots – does not make you skate smooth.
For me, skating and Chapatti making have 1 thing in common. Both these activities - I have closely watched others perform – but my own experience in them, is bare minimum.
Skates, I tried at School. Today I am experimenting Chapattis. I have watched our Cook – back in Mumbai, make them- perfect round, soft – Phulkas. She also makes a thicker variety, called Parathas – Non Stuffed Ones. Some call it Rotis (bcoz they are non stuffed).

To me, it does not really matter what you name it. Because, I land up making a new variety. This combo variety has some properties of Phulkas – and some of Non Stuffed Paratha/ Roti.
They attempt to puff like Phulkas (I can see their efforts on the pan) - but are not successful. To make their puffing easier, if I put them on direct flame, they give up.
They have a fitness of a Roti - but fall short on size – Roti with a Stunted Growth - you may say.

Google is a handy tool- if you go to it, with uncomplicated Questions. I framed a simple question to clear my doubts. As expected, it was a cake walk for Google to explain- how to make Soft Phulkas, and Rotis.

In examinations, when we have extra time, we, tend to attempt extra Questions. Even Google has this habit. When it answers 1 query quickly – it will prompt more questions. It is Google’s way of showing- “I know more- in case you want to ask”. Depending on my time, I give this opportunity to the Search Engine. This time – I gave it. It educated me with tips on retaining Softness, Easy curries to go with it, et al.

Armed with some theoretical knowledge- I went back to Practical Lab to experiment Soft Rotis (Phulkas will require experience – I realized).
A fairly successful attempt. At least I came out of Intermediary Variety –that stood in between Phulkas and Non Stuffed Parathas. Now if my Rotis try to puff –I know when to check them. But when they puff really well – just like Phulkas, I let them happen. Thus, Phulkas – come as a by-product in Roti making process.

I know there is an error in my kneading method – which leads to this by product. Google, and people on Google say – experience will rectify this error for me. In case, you have a different opinion, please share!


Shilpa Garg said...

LOL @ Googling to learn about Chapatis!! :D
It's all practice, my dear!!
With daily practice, and in fact making 5-8 every day will give you loads of experience... what kind of dough (hard or soft or just right), how much pressure to be applied by the rolling pin, how to make them only round shaped and not maps... you will get it right in a couple of days!!
The pic shows that you have learnt the art though!

Happy learning and eating too! :)

magiceye said...

Best wishes in your new venture!!

Subhorup Dasgupta said...

Ha ha, this was fun to read. Google is really stepping in to replace traditional wisdom and family support. One of my friends who is estranged from her mother and her mother-in-law googled and facebooked her way through pregnancy with commendable applomb, so I know exactly what you mean. The byproduct bit was funny though.

shooting star said...

chapatis are one thing that i have very erratic relationship with, sometimes they come out good..and sometimes...well.. :(

Anonymous said...

Google is right- experience will teach you. You go to ask someone, 5people will give you 5 diff opinions.

I remember a few yrs back at home, we had an hour long discussion, on whether to add salt or not in the Dough.

Enjoy your cooking - and it will get better with time.

Radhika said...

Hahaha,Lol:-) first of all welcome back on blog.was missing ur writing.ur roti-making experience and experiment is so funny dat for a first time in my life I m using this phrase "Lol".ur writing is like I was visualizing u making phulkas while reading.I m making rotis/phulkas/parathas since d age of I know 1thing for sure dat after a month or two,u will b happy dat u have created ur own kind of all des rotis/phulkas etc.provided u keep experimenting;-) dnt worry ,ppl will appreciate ur style I m sure.becoz I believe if u can write so artistically,den u can make anything.Afterall,as dey say,Cooking is an art.

Anonymous said...

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