Friday, August 10, 2012

Other Side of Mumbai

When a middle aged Indica starts looking like a Big Segment car, you know, you are in a place, what Bollywood calls a “Basti” or “Mohalla”

Urdu signboards with English Fine Print, reads everything from a Wine Shop to a Textile Outlet. Men with hand carts, rush through the narrow lanes. They chart their way though big vehicles and street playing children.

A Temple at sight and prayers from a Mosque at an audible distance. Kalbadevi, (Mumbai) gives me a taste of undivided India.

Kalbadevi, Zaveri Bazar, Bhuleshwar reside adjacent to each other. Concrete shops and roadside stalls, paralelly conduct business here. Abundance of hand Carts, tell a story of labour intensive industries. Absence of mannequins, show, how business is conducted without “show biz”. Textile shop Owners offer seat on the floor bed and treat you with the sound of screeching ceiling fan. No hard selling techniques are applied, no presentation efforts taken. They know, the deal will be done. And it does.

High rise buildings, plush infrastructure do not find an address here. No signs to show you are standing in the Financial Capital of the Country.

Yet, day in and day out, they call this their “City of Dreams”. They “exist” and on their existence, "lives" the Spirit of Mumbai.


Shilpa Garg said...

Each an every part of Mumbai has a different stories to share... and that makes it all the more enticing... truly the city of dreams!

Radhika said...

Like kalbadevi,bhuleshwar nd all,same scenario can be seen in ulhas nagar also.No big showrooms,malls etc. But business turn over per day is surprisingly huge.And I think this is the same story of some of the small towns in India where Trade happened without any show-offs.By the way,I like your writing and hence I feel this post is so short about your "Mumbai Bazar's" experience.please write more next time :-)

Blahblaholic ♥ © said...

Mumbai is bliss.
It IS the city of dreams. Mumbai is freedom, Mumbai is... no words can capture that feeling! :]
Beautifully written post!

@Tales of her and by her.
@Teenage Babblings

vinay said...

Proud to be a 'Mumbaikar'. :)

Rajesh said...

Mumbai is unique. It is different to different people.

magiceye said...

Indeed! Beautifully done!