Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tailor Made Impressions

If you have spent some attentive minutes at a Tailor’s shop, you must be familiar with the term “Master” (or “Masterji” as they are called). He is the Chief Engineer in any tailor’s den. He knows the measurements, familiar with cutting styles, and is a PRO on many occasions. But never would I, have dreamt that this eternal Masterji can turn into a Proprietor of the Shop.
Very recently, my tailor (the lady who shared her Birthday with me) sold her boutique to her Masterji, thus transferring Ownership and Management in his able hands. But my 5 year old association with the boutique ended, as I could also see the expertise changing hands.

Search for new Tailor ended sooner than expected, thanks to reference from a known source. My very 1st telephonic conversation with this would-be tailor was just about satisfactory. A Maharashtrian lady, in her early 50’s, least enthusiastic in her maiden talk with a prospective client. But with need and urgency both by my side, I kept analysis aside and approached her. My first, face to face meet at her home cum workplace.

40 Mins later I returned home, as a more enlightened and educated person. Educated by the understanding, that; never draw conclusions based on telephonic conversations. Enlightened by the fact that; this so called Ghar-ghuthi (homely) lady conducts Ramp Shows for Maharashtrian Home-makers. She herself is a winner of “Mrs Navi Mumbai” Title. The lady delivers stage performances, Solo Plays and loves dancing. Tailoring is a hobby that she mastered, and it now earns her a living. Her association with Sakhi Manch (Women Wing of Lokmat Group) endorses her Social circle.

I am not aware what her 1st name is. She refers and prefers being addressed by the last name. But this fact is as insignificant as my assumptions about her based on mere telephonic conversation.


Harish said...

We encounter many such personalities in our daily life never realising what they are exactly.

Radhika said...

Phne var fakt aapan bolu shakto,pan pratyaksh bhet aaplyala maanus parkhayla madat karate.This article tells d different colors of one person behav differently in different occasions so showing der different colours...Nice title:-)

Radhika said...

Pratyaksha bhet aaplyala maanus parkhayla madat karte.Different ppl behav differently in various occasions so as showing der colorfull shades of der nature...Nice title...:-)