Monday, June 4, 2012

Freedom Gambled

Pride at stake,they left, as the Elders watched them leave.
The passion for Dice, ruined it all- was for everyone to see.

Torn between anger and guilt they left,
Bowed heads, heavy heart ensured- no eyes met.

Paradise of Comfort – was now a Stranger’s Land
The snake named “Greed” - had bit their hand

Riot on their minds, but they did not evoke
Arrow in the Arm – but they ignored.

“Stand by your Word” goes the ancient verse
Cheat Not – dutifully follow the course”

12 Years of Exile, 1 Year in Disguise,
No arms, No Guards – but God on their side.

Said the evening Sun to the chirpy birds
"Remember this day- for it, shall lead to war".

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Jasmeet Kukreja said...

excellent and thoughful indeed
even i love writing poetry and so moved to participate in this contest...All the best

Following u :)


JJ said...

Omg thats really nice. :)
Great work. I specially liked the title.

HelenRichter said...

Enjoyed your interpretation and the emotion your writing brings out. Powerful stuff, well done. Look forward to reading more.
Best of luck with the competition.

Someone is Special said...

very beautiful poetry and loved the emotions behind it... thanks for blessing this.. if you have free time stop by my blog to read a good creativity. I'm sure you will love it..

Someone is Special

Sayoni said...

great poetry with great emotion.. liked it.. all the best for the contest.......

Neha said...

Cool poem to depict the story line of Mahabharatha :)

Vishal Kataria said...

Riot on their minds, but they did not evoke
Arrow in the Arm – but they ignored.

Awesome lines. We need more of these to bring peace in the world.

Lovely write up!

deepbaazigar said...


Anonymous said...


Powerful and nicely used the words. :)

Now following you. :)

All the best!!

Sreeja said...

hello this is excellent...