Monday, April 23, 2012

Coming Soon, the End - a book review

Coming soon, the End, comes from Omkar Sane’s den
Who holds his camera, behind the rolling cameras

To tell us a story of 4 ordinary men
Slogging day and night, to meet their ends
For A’s money and B’s Baby, C’s brains are put to use
Constraints rule, deadlines speak, Glamour roars
And quietly goes creativity for a toss.
Superman becomes Shaktiman, and you don’t realize
Every news is Breaking, but they still analyse.
Manufactured reality to doctored shows
Majority of them, an adaption of West.

Television will change, viewers will awake
Trends will be set- this is Omkar’s bet.

Except for the language, which I found to be too colloquial, the book gives a great insight into the working of a Television industry. It is easy to criticize/ comment, on an ad/ promo- but a lot goes into making it. Interesting concepts like Storyboarding, Voice Over, RFA (Ready for Action), warrant your attention, if you are anywhere between Moderate to High TV Viewer.


Anonymous said...

Hey i have read this book, i found it like May i Hebb Yr Attention pls..

This same Omkar guy has written another is that one?

Viyoma said...

@Anon : Cover page of Omkar's book resembled May i Hebb..but content wise, it was different.

Other Book by Omkar Sane" Welcome to Advertising, Now get Lost". I am yet to read it.

shooting star said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmm.......might not pick it!!!

banti said...

-Good piece of information.