Saturday, March 17, 2012

With the Stars - at the Bar

Treating a combination of Indian – Norwegian client meant spending my next few hours, tasting every variety (Hyperbole is my favourite figure of speech) of fruit punch available at Bar- House. A Bar House true to its name, will offer only 2 – 3 choices, to a humble- innocent like me, asking for a health drink (fruit punch sounds better) at an odd place. So far so good- I manage to get an Orange or a Watermelon option, where ever I go.

So, the couch side of ITC Maurya Bar looked something like this. 2 Clients, 1 Colleague, 2 Kingfisher, 2 Melon Juice in Wine Glass and some Chips/ Nuts to munch. Main entrance of the Bar to my left, and The Bar to my back.

The Norwegian client was explaining how high Oil prices are affecting his freight, when a medium heighted – gray suited person entered (the Bar). Following him was a tall man – again in Grey Suit- as if they had planned to wear the same colour. Just as these 2 had taken seat – 3 others followed and all of them greeted each other with “Award Function Style” hugs.

Gulshan Grover, Mukesh Rishi (Judwaa ka Villian Fame), Aditya Panscholi , yesteryear actor Ranjeet and Shakti Kapoor. We thought it was a small together of these 5 Stars. We were wrong. They were guests at a Music Launch – by Kuku Kolhi. It was a matter of time, as Suzzane Roshan, Ravenna Tandon, Poonam Dhillon, Zeenat Aman, eye-candy couple Rishi & Neetu Kapoor joined. A lady with heavy makeup made an entry; I could not make out who she is. My Indian Client – in the 50+ age bracket – tells me- she is Shenaz Hussain. By now our Norwegian counterpart realized he was witness to Star Power of India. His curiosity translated into enquires about Bollywood and its movies.

I am not sure, to what extent we promoted business, but dear Bollywood –we did our bit of promotion for you.


Harish said...

Hm... Stars in a bar experience.

magiceye said...

:) stars stole your thunder!

Vivek Patwardhan said...

Enjoyed reading this post. The experience narrated so well. And liked the expression '“Award Function Style” hugs.'

Those hugs look an empty expression of happiness.


Dr Roshan R said...

man.. sometimes I really wish i had chance meetings like this.. never happens to us docs in an operation theatre :s

And yes, Shehnaz Husain has been under heavy makeup since the last 325 years so its sounds like an apt description of her :)

Hariharan Valady said...

I liked your "Award Function style hug".

Rajesh said...