Monday, December 26, 2011

Highlights 2011

#Travel 2011
Visited the Milk Capital of India, got the taste of Khaakras, Faafdas and Theplas
With Cold mornings and chilled nights, it was a 10 days break, right in the beginning of the year.

A longer stay in the Island country, tried making friends with chopsticks
Familiar lanes, known surroundings, encouraged my dependence on public transport.(During my previous visit, I relied more on the private vehicles.)

#People 2011
To begin with, met a journalist at the Delhi Airport, who also happens to be running a Journalism School for people of all ages.
Reconnected with the personality development faculty, who had conducted PD Sessions at school. Thanks to Times Wellness, for publishing her article with the contact details.
Met Chef Vikas Khanna, Chef Kunal Kapoor and Chef Ajay Chopra at the Blogger Meet, courtesy Indiblogger

#Books 2011
Amish Tripathi’s Immortals of Meluha and Secret of Nagas.
Bimal Jalan’s Parliament: A view from the Backbench.

#Better late than Never 2011
Watched Mani Ratnam’s” Bombay.
Tasted Vada Pav at a “Shiv Vada Pav”.
Realized Vada Pav at other food stalls, is one genre, at Shiv Vada Pav it is a different story, taste-wise.


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Purba said...

Liked your hashtags. This one is begging for more.

Lessons learnt...Can't forget....Gastronomic discoveries...

The Narcissist said...

oh wow. I never knew there was a place called milk capital of india :D I am going there for my next hols :D :D

magiceye said...



Nice Post.
Let's hear of your resolutions for 2012


Nicely written.
2012 Resolutions?