Monday, August 8, 2011

Wordless - Priceless

II Confluence of Pink -Yellow bushes, in there
Await my attention and some time to spare II

II Like the negatives of an old frame
The side beams of a neighbour’s wall lie lame II

II How tempting a look, can a Venn diagram have,
When, in them, mouth-watering delicacies get their share II

II How refreshing the morning dews can be,
Not words, but a perfect picture can speak II

Assorted, disorganized, and unlabelled: they survive,
Giving me time to align my thoughts
In what order, when, how to unfold them I wonder,
For how many Wordless Wednesdays it might take!


Saru Singhal said...

Awesome creation...

Rachit said...

was it wordless, Shakespeare rightly said what's there in the name when feelings flow melancholy.

Weakest LINK

magiceye said...

priceless indeed!

Sunil Padiyar said...


KP said...

Very nice..!

RG said...

I like poems that I don't fully understand
They trigger curiosity, a sense of intrigue
One grasps but a point here, there a strand
Beckons the poet, come be part of my league!

Anonymous said...

fabulous creativity! keep posting :)

NICKYmax007 said...

i m wordless........

vinay said...

Conveyed more with less words.
That's the beauty of poems... :)