Friday, November 19, 2010

I tore the pages off the book...

I tore the pages off the book,
Stapled them to clumsiest best,
Beneath the bed they stay ignored,
Till I lay my hands another day.
Sporadically a few more pages I add,
Swelling the size of the leaflets loose,
Again it lays untouched for days,
Till few more pages, find their way.
This went on for years to come,
Until, one day I stopped adding them,
It was time to bundle the pile,
Lest I lose them in a while.

Today, they kindle memories sweet,
Treasure the school time stories for me,
Every academic chapter I loved,
Are found in these pages above.
Be it Badlu the Laundry Man,
Or Pheidippides of the Marathon Run,
Every story gets refreshed,
Tickling the classroom memories best.
Not stopping here, I take a step ahead,
Go on to attempt the questions at the end,
Strangely, my answers get better and better,
Makes me realize its only revision that matters.


ladylavendersays said...

hey.. great writing. loved it.

Harish said...

nostalgic.. nice one:-)

Abhishek Agrawal said...

Simply good.........

Brad Pághanni said...

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Deepika Vasudeva said...

wow...this one was just sooo beautiful... i could feel the motions...

mk said..., books and stories are really a memory buster?

nicely written and loved ur post!!

dr.antony said...

True nostalgia is an ephemeral composition of disjointed memories.The only worse thing than nostalgia is not having anything to be nostalgic about!

Nivedita said...

Hi Vyo,
Nice one :) I went back on a memory lane and came back smiling...

Ram Santosh said...

this is so amazing!!
nice words..nice emotions!!

Nalini Hebbar said...

Beautiful poem...pages plucked out of is a new page every day!
the share it button has the tweeter too...thanks:)

Sidra Sayeed said...

first, fabulous idea! I keep little things myself, a newspaper cutout or even a tissue paper with my career plan scribbled on it!
second, loved the conclusion, revision indeed....we can almost never perfect anything we continue to add, remove, edit this or that always.
Last, I think the poetic expression was simple and literal almost...