Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Indiblogger Meet: 15th Aug 2010

I am just back from meeting a bunch of over enthusiastic bloggers. I call them overenthusiastic; b’coz here is a lot, that blogs in less than 12 hrs of the event conclusion.
When I left home for Hotel Sea Princess on 15th Aug, I was clueless of what the coming 5 hours had in store for me. I was headed to be in company of 200+ anonymous faces, unheard names, different cross sections, with only one common binding: We blog, therefore we are here!

First things first. A big thanks to Indi blogger for organizing this event, the INDIMUM Meet, as they call it. A lot has already been said and written about how wonderfully the event was managed. A few links reflecting the same, from my blogger friends.

So let me say something, on the interesting people I came across. To begin with, I was introduced to the world of Pair Blogging. I call them the super-combo lot.

Magali Vaaz and her Mom: Mother- Daughter Bloggers,
Shrikant and His Wife: Husband – Wife bloggers.

There is another set, i call them, Disguise Bloggers. Acorpolo, Magiceye, Gkam. Met them, Interacted! The pseudo veil was finally lifted.
It was nice to meet the Sari clad Maithili Desai, a person,even Gul Panag took notice of. A self confessed blog addict, she turned out to be the Millie of Blogosphere.

The regulars in Indi blogger forum, relate well with the name of Mohan Bhargav, the time to time Indi blogger of the Month. I envy him, every time he features in the list of top 5 bloggers. This humble middle aged man was a face most recognized.

With new people came newer ideas/concepts.
Project 365:
Never knew something like this exists, where a blogger decides to blog 1 topic a day for the whole year.
Co- Blogging:
The concept is more popular than I thought, it was.
Writers/ Authors
There are bloggers, who run online magazines, take up social awareness issues to educate their readers. Also met the team of THE OPINION, a Mumbai based Magazine that voices the opinion of the Youth.
Guest Post!
Ah! A couple of months back, I got a request from a friend to write a guest post on her blog. Happily, I honored the commitment, not knowing what etiquette it warranted. Looks like it is customary to invite the requestor, to guest post back on your blog. Phew!!! Didn’t know this!

So, that leaves me with a little more enlightenment and lot more new friends. Kudos to Renie Ravin and his team!!
We are indeed…
Indian by birth, Blogger by Choice.


Anil P said...

Happened to read a few accounts of the event. It's critical that these meets happen. Blogs cannot survive in isolation.

magiceye said...

nice laidback post :)
the bit about guestblogging being a exchange thing was news to me too! lol!

Shrikant Joshi said...

Hey Vyo!

Lovely meeting you & a lovely post, too! Am feeling extra-spesshul now that you have given us (me & the Missus) a special mention in your post! Honored, truly...

I'm making it a point to return to your blog later & read thru all your posts! :D

Thanx! :)

Neha said...

nice was wonderful meeting you in person :)