Friday, May 14, 2010

My Adhoc Best

There was a time, when I was active on Yahoo Answers! Now a days I occasionally scroll through the questions, and randomly answer a selected few. 40% of my answers have been, so far rated best. Best Answers are chosen either by Voters Polling or Asker’s Rating.
Ofllate as I m not regular, I don’t think over the questions much. Just to rectify my inactive status, I hand pick a few questions, and make adhoc responses.
Surprisingly 2 of my latest adhoc answers got voted best

Question: . I need help writing a conversation between two people about…. pretty much anything

My Answer:

Couldn’t think of anything better!

You: I want to write a conversation
Me: About What?
You: About pretty much anything
Me: So, how r you going to go about it?
You: I will put this up on Yahoo Answers
Me: And you think it will work?
You: Whats the harm in giving a try!
Me: Good Luck, go ahead!
You: Thanks!

Q2: Do souls have a gender?

My Answer:

We believe, when people die, its only the Body that dies/ withers, but Soul remains IMMORTAL.
Since we intend to FEEL the presence of our beloved (departed) ones in the SOULS, we associate gender to them,

Souls, per se, may not have gender. When alive, SOULS are a part of HUMAN BODY, which has a gender.
It is the Wholeness of BODY + SOUL that defines the gender.


Anjali said...

Simply great!! What indepth answer to the second one!
Cant say its adhoc!

Vyazz said...

I used to be active on Yahoo answers as well, that is before I took up blogging.
I would answer questions regarding health.....but after scoring high points and getting kicked out has lost the charm on me!! :(

RG said...

I loved the self-referential and recursive nature of the first. The second one reveals a deeper spiritual dimension not evident so far at Vyo's World. The writing is as usual concise and creative.

Magali said...

I too was active on Yahoo! Answers... I got a 20% Best Answerer rate. But then I got bored.

Stanis said...

good stuff!!

Stanis said...

great stuff

Maun Vision said...

well imagined and penned down.