Friday, February 5, 2010

Hello Mr Anis!

Thanks Mr. Anis, I owe this (entry) to you. I really wonder how each time, you received (only) my message but not the attachment!! My wonder turned into anxiety and anxiety into annoyance, as time passed. In India, we were nearing mid night, and I was awake only for the sake of one UN-DELIVERED attachment. While I cud view, open and read all the contents of it, your mail box never even bothered to detect that attachment.

They say, mind works faster in times of crisis. Not sure if its true for all, but to some extent, I am convinced it holds true for me. I was scanning for alternate possibilities to get the attachment delivered.

Option 0: Fax : (Useless Choice): Printer at home not working, first I need to print the doc to fax it to you. Option Ruled Out!!

Option 1: I mailed it to Jeff, who works in the same department as you. (Just hoping his inbox is more gracious).

But then, after a 5 mins wait, I m left totally clueless. When Jeff forwarded the msg to you, (keeping me in copy) did you receive the attachment? Or did Jeff in the first place get the attached contents? A HOLLOW VACCUM HERE!! His forwarded msg showed me the attachment, but did it reflect in yours? Enlighten me sometime on this, when you are free.

Option 2: ( Time 23.25 Hrs INDIA TIME, 12.56 Hrs MONTREAL TIME) : Well, I m sure Anis, you would understand, I was half asleep! Look at the time zone difference we have!! So for a quick response, I had to send you this msg:

Anis/ Viyoma
have re- sent the msg THRICE thereafter. If still not rcvd, pls adv an alternate ID where the msg can be sent.

Kindly adv MSN/ SKYPE..for easy commmunication.

MY SKYPE: ( ) Dear reader, read on..dont bother about the Skype details..;). That was for Anis alone.
MY MSN: ( ) Same as above

Eureka!! It worked. Thanks to your gmail id. What Microsoft couldn’t do, Google did. It detected what your MS OUTLOOK could not.

So now that you have the attachment and I m done with my duty, I take your leave.

Point to Ponder for readers: Why did Anis not receive the attachment on Outlook? ( I had to literally LOOK – OUT for options)


Vega said...

Nice blog buddy! Keep it up. :-)

The Wandering Gypsy said...

Visiting your blog after ages but its always a pleasure going through the posts in your blog :)

The Wandering Gypsy said...

Hey! I'm visiting your blog after ages and its always a pleasure reading the posts in your blog :)

hitesh rawat said...

it happens....something the server doesn't allow the attachments to flow if it finds it a malicious .....good thinking of going through another you mind does work extra at the time of crisis