Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Divine 200

Scaling yet another summit in cricketing excellence, creating History once again!
ET calls him the “Tiger” that is never in the woods, media immortalizes him as the Living Legend.
The words bring goose bumps, even as I key them “Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the God of Indian Cricket”
These words echoed Gwalior stadium last evening as the Midas touch was cast on the divine 200!

For reasons unexplainable this achievement reminds me of Sachin’s century post his father’s demise.
Ten days into the World Cup and the first century had been recorded. In the most phenomenal moment back then, the Maestro received 3 standing ovations:
One: when he walked into the crease,
Two: when he reached his Century
Three: when he walked off with fellow-centurion Rahul Dravid

If not 3, this double century surely, brings him one of the highly commendable appreciations. Aptly silencing the critics, who talk of Sachin being on the wrong side of 30’s, the Little Master yet again, treats his fans with an immaculate series.


mk said...

hmm...really congratulate Sachin for this milestone he had reached !!...

nicely written blog!!

Anonymous said...

The double ton was wonderful...

Very nicely written.

Check my blog here

littleWriter (Anunoy) said...

We salute his cricketing giFT...
conGRATz Sach

hitesh rawat said...

he is great.....think we have to define the word great when we talk about Sachin......all Indians are proud of him

Dan* said...

was in my office.... never believe it was sachin thought it was sehwag... lolxx

Anyone deserve to break it is sachin!!