Monday, December 21, 2009

Old Man and His God

When my reading habits go in for hibernation, all I need is a Sudha Murthy appetizer.
The Old Man and his God was a similar starter. It helped me rejuvenate my reading interest.

A simple collection of stories, so realistically narrated, that it keeps the flow on.
Similar to Wise and Otherwise, this book talks about different stories of different people at different times.
It could either be a simple incident of two quarreling brothers or a classic advice given by Mrs. Murthy to a friend. (Definitely watch out for the last line of this narration).
The incidents may not be fresh. They are not something unheard of.
They are incidents of day today life. Something that even you and I may come across.

But it takes a Sudha Murthy to narrate it with simplicity.
“The Old Man and His God”, the title refers to the first story and then it goes on to make a classic collection of short tales, all for a light reading.

A definite pick for Sudha Murthy fans!

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